The Bake Shop is an interactive shop depicting bread making at the time of Jesus’ birth. It encourages visitors to participate in the making of bread.

VP in charge of Distribution (1): 

  • Hand out warm bread to visitors

Table Workers (4): 

  • 2 stations (2 workers per station)
  • 2 wheat grinders (explain wheat and seeds to visitors and invite them to help grind the wheat seeds)
  • 2 persons to knead dough and invite visitors to participate
  • End of evening -- put dough in plastic bags, straighten table and cover with plastic drop cloths and secure

VP in charge of Greeting (1): 

  • Stand near front of booth and encourage visitors to view how the bread is made

Bake Shop Job Descriptions

(6-7 Volunteers per night)

Oven (1, preferably male): 

  • Maintains fire in oven -- add charcoal as required
  • Warms bread in oven
  • Breaks bread and place in baskets for distribution to visitors
  • End of evening, extinguishes fire

Bethlehem Bake Shop

Donations Needed:

Oven: 2/20 lb bags of charcoal

1 can lighter fluid

1 lighter

1 box wood matches

Bread Display Table

Wheat seeds: 6 lbs (#5907 at Whole Foods)

Wheat: 5 bunches

Flour: 1 large bag

Donations Needed Nightly:

Bread: 15-20 loaves of unsliced bread (donated)

Frozen bread dough: From Publix 1 pkg of 3 each (Thawed)

Items from Bethlehem Storage

4-5 chairs, baskets, wooden bowls, 2 grinding wheels, 2 kneading boards, booth display -- burlap, various items (ie. bottles, candles, etc.)