The first thing is to start the Charcoal fire 1/2 hour before the city opens, ( coal, starter & matches).  Make sure you have wood for the fire to continue for the night and the five days.... secure the "props" for the talk-up ( they should have been already placed in the shop) . Plow, Metals, Hammer, Leather for the heated objects. A bucket to fill with water sometimes wraped in burlap. One or two assistants, the Sons of the Blacksmtih....One good one works best, about  12 yrs. old and up. 

Blacksmith Shop Job Descriptions

(2-3 Volunteers per night)

  • Shopowner -- directs and manages shop, shares with visitors the way of the blacksmith
  • Assistants (1-2) -- sons of the blacksmith, manage and maintain shop while potentially interacting with visitors

Donations Needed Nightly:​

Wood (for fire)

Donations Needed: 


Starter and matches





Bucket (with water)