The candle shop is an interactive shop depicting how candles are made. It is the only shop in Bethlehem that is not authentic to the time period, as candles were not invented yet. Using actual lamps of the time period was cost-prohibitive and thus the candle shop was born. We do not offer that information to the visitors, but instead have a quiet shop that draws little attention compared to the others. Script is provided at training.

Candle Shop Job Descriptions

(2 Volunteers per night)

Shopowner and assistant -- 

  • ​​Turn on propane tank early
  • Turn propane tank off 30 minutes before shop open
  • Shop maintenance
  • Prepare wicks for dipping
  • Hang candles for display
  • ​Explain to visitors how to make candles and the processes involved

Donations Needed: 

Propane tank



Dipping Stick