The Fish and Poultry shop sets the mood in Bethlehem. Usually the first sound visitors hear upon entering are the shouts of the fish and fowl monger trying to sell his goods and his many daughters--a loud demeanor is a must.  Although the shopowner is very poor, he may very well be the most colorful character in all of Bethlehem as he is constantly trying to make deals to sell his fish, fowl, and daughters (sons were a must back then).  The shopowner shouldn't be afraid to get his hands dirty as he's constantly handling animals--both alive and not-so-much alive. 

Fish and Poultry Shop Job Descriptions

(2-4 Volunteers per night)

  • Shop owner -- directs and manages wives and children, screams at visitors to purchase his fresh (and not-so-fresh) fish and fowl, tells of the story of how he gets his salt and its miraculous powers, vibrant, very poor owner
  • Female -- stands and holds chicken and allows visitors to interact with the animals
  • Children -- stands and holds chicken 

Donations Needed Nightly​:

Ice cream salt (1 box)

Fish from previous night

Donations Needed: 





Rusty Knife

Ice Cream Salt

Fishing nets

Fish and Poultry