Donations Needed:

  • fruits and vegetables
  • assorted nuts in shell
  • almonds in shell
  • olives
  • lentils
  • barley
  • dried soup beans (varied)
  • red berries from Florida Holly
  • squash
  • apples
  • ​eggs
  • cinnamon (ground and sticks)
  • matzo
  • parsley
  • onions
  • horseradish root
  • leeks
  • grapes
  • radishes (leaves intact)
  • pomegranate
  • dried fruit
  • coarse sea salt
  • collard greens
  • bok choy
  • whole garlic cloves
  • eggplant
  • cucumbers

Fresh Market

AT 5 PM: Pull the grapes off the vines of 4 boxes and put back into the boxes and put back into the ice. line the two grape baskets with light colored (clean) cloth. Open 3 boxes of Matzo and break into 2 inch square pieces and put into basket lined with cloth (what won't fit in basket, store in a large ziplock bag. Set candles intermittently amongst the shelves and displays. Everyone go eat (EXCEPT FOR THE 'LOOKOUT', that's the person who will keep the chickens and turkey from eating your display) and be back at shop NO LATER THAN 6.
AT 6 PM: light candles, put grapes into baskets, pour honey into bowl, 3/4 full, and cover thickly with a layer of cinnamon powder, SMILE AND GET READY TO SELL SELL SELL
AT 9PM (closing time):After the last visitor is around the corner and out of sight, all greens are gathered up in Publix bags (1 variety per bag) and put in cooler. Grapes are kept in separate cooler. 1 person grabs each end of the pole that holds the canvas and drape it carefully over the north shelves, 1 person takes the pole and lowers the canvas from the roof of south shelves while 2 people catch it beneath and pull it out to drape over shelves. the canvas is then stapled to the walls on both entryways and tucked under baskets in the front and draped in such a matter as to prevent turkey and chickens from wrecking havoc the next day.

Tool Items Needed:

  • hammer (with small nails)
  • staple gun
  • lanterns or flashlights
  • twine
  • ceramic bowl
  • lawn table and stool

Fresh Market Shop Job Descriptions

(3-4 Volunteers per night)

  • Honey Table (1) -- sits on the stool and invites visitors to partake of the honey and matzo
  • Grape Lady (1) -- hands out grapes to visitors.
  • Standby Lady (1) -- makes sure visitors are not taking the larger display items
  • Backup Lady (1) -- replenishes food items as needed throughout the night and tells stories to visitors
  • The roles may be interchangeable throughout the night