The purpose of the Herbal Healing Shop is to explain the ancient herbal remedies used in Bethlehem. The shop contains a number of healing herbs. An iron cooking pot is placed over a container of Sterno. The Sterno should be lit a few minutes before opening and maintained all night. Fragrant water should be placed in the pot and stirred with various herbs throughout the At least two volunteers should be in the Herbal Healing Shop and they should explain what the various herbs are used for.The volunteers should also offer anointing with oil to anyone who would like to receive a special blessing. Anointing oil should be placed on the person’s hand (or forehead if they prefer) with words of blessing. Do not place the oil in the form of a cross because the cross is not yet a symbol of faith.

The purpose of the Midwifery Shop is to demonstrate how newborn babies are cared for. A ragdoll is available with swaddling material and the midwife should explain how babies are swaddled and cared for during their first few weeks of life.

Herbal Healing and Midwifery Shop Job Descriptions

(3 Volunteers per night)

  • Shopowner and Assistant -- explain various uses for herbs, offer to anoint visitors with oil 
  • Midwife -- explains to visitors how babies are swaddles and cared for during their first few weeks of life

Donations Needed Nightly:​

Ragdoll (for swaddling demonstrations)

​Various Herbs

Donations Needed: 

Iron cooking pot


Various Herbs

Oil (for anointing)

Herbal Healing and Midwifery