The Holy Family

to the city when the first call is made. Costumes not including leather sandals are provided by the costume team. They are encouraged to feed the baby just prior to opening. Each Holy Family will have a personal attendant to see to their needs during the performance. They must realize that if the crowd is large we may close later than expected, and be willing to stay. Although we have understudies scheduled for each night, it is very difficult to switch during a performance, for any reason other than illness.

The Holy Family is the whole reason we have built this city of Bethlehem. They are the focal point of the entire performance and the stars of the show. They need not speak, but may find it informative to attend the training class provided to learn the details of the time period and people who lived back then. They must park at the school in the designated cast parking, arrive at Fellowship Hall on time each evening of the event as they are scheduled, and be in costume and ready to head