The Music Shop, located adjacent to the visual impact of the Fresh Market and in sight of the glittering Candle and Precious Metal shops, adds its ancient sounds to the first impression that greets visitors and declares that they have entered a world vastly different than the one outside the gate. This busy ambiance draws them into a parallel world of exotic sights and sounds and invites them to lose their thoughts in a place of primal experience. There, the central importance of religious faith is a natural expression of life and its possibilities. They are invited to engage this world through their participation and imagination setting the stage for a journey to belief. The goal of the Music Shop consists of helping visitors open their minds to the symbolic reality of Bethlehem by interacting with them as though they were actually living in such a world. Hands on participation in a fascinating new experience prepares them to further open their minds to the potential of the journey they are about to experience. As always, the boundless curiousity, energy, and enthusiasm of the children prepare the way.

Music Shop Job Descriptions

(1+ Volunteers per night)

  • Shopowner -- may be accompanied by apprentice. A basic Shofar demonstration illustrating how it is used for signalling, calling meetings, and Old Testament worship can be performed and repeated every few minutes. Sounds of the Tekiah, Shvarim, Teruah, and Tekiah Gedolah are used to communicate their basic functions. Drums can be added readily to the brief program.
  • Lyre player (optional) -- well voiced player who can sing in Hebrew as a strolling minstrel
  • Wood flute player (optional) -- perform in shop or for nearby wedding party meandering down Bethlehem streets