Items from Bethlehem Storage:

4-5 shelves on the walls with burlap 

​Booth display -- in storage bins

The olive shop is an interactive shop explaining the pressing of olives to make olive oil and telling the many important uses of olives in the daily lives of the people in this time in history. Samples of olives are offered and a sample of extra virgin olive oil is applied to the hand to those interested. We often pretend to be a family with an olive orchard “behind the shop”. A small tree has been brought in for display and information is given about choosing olives for their different purposes. It is a busy shop with lots that can be said and done.

Olive Shop Job Descriptions

(3+ Volunteers per night)

  • Table person -- cuts olives and gives samples while explaining background and uses, shows the tree
  • Olive Press person -- explains background
  • Olive Oil person -- gives samples of oil on the hand or as an anointing/blessing

Staging Items Required:

Olive press

Olive tree and burlap to cover the pot

Fake bush for corner of shop behind olive press

2 stools and burlap to cover

3 dozen votive candles

Lighter or matches

​Clay oil lamp for explanations (authentic if possible)

Donations Needed:

Dark/ripe olives, loose, about 2 lbs

Green olives, unstuffed, unpitted

Extra virgin olive oil (~1.5 quarts)