Step 3. When ready to decorate. Take all the flowers apart and take string and tie them up in bunches to hang from the ceiling. I put wood beams up and a black sheet over so I can use a staple gun and hang the flowers. The more flowers the better. Try to get roses for dipping the flowers so when people walk by you can bless them with one of the oils that you put in a smaller pot. 
Step 4. I have lots of pots and sheets and decorations in the perfume shop trunk. You can always use silk flowers for fillers in the back. It’s ok to use purple or silk in the shop..,. You need a stool for the back of the table to sit and stir.People: you need one shop owner to decorate and co ordinate the staff. Each night it is good to have at least 2 or maybe 3 people 2 adults and one child is good. Better girls than boys
Step 5. The night before the city opens I light incense to get the smells going. I start the steno to simmer the pot of oil for additional smell. Oh I almost forgot I use lots and lots of candles for light. Be careful not to catch anything on fire.
​Step 6. Enjoy the experience of the night. Smile invite people to the perfume shop. Say “have you traveled far can I take that donkey odor or camel odor off of you.. “ I get funny and say how many wives do you have?. Would you like to buy some perfume for your many wives? Let them pick up the bottles and smell. Let them have a rose petal and dip it in the oil and I say “it will give you sweet dreams”.Enjoy every moment that the Lord has given you an opportunity to share the good news. It is a very rewarding experience.

Step 1. Is getting in contact with a florist, funeral home, a wedding, or someone who might have flowers left over that you can have. Make sure you pick them up and leave the place in a orderly fashion. Or we won’t be able to use them anymore. I always have luck at Kraer funeral home, on University Drive in Coral Springs
Step 2. Buy oil from Wal-Mart or dollar store and you need at least 10 big bottles. You need little bottles if you can find frankincense and Myrrh, rose, violet, lavender, etc. The big oil bottles are used in the simmer pot where you put big cinnamon sticks to stir the pot and say” the perfume is simmered for many days. Then we strain it thru a sheep skin and make our perfume”. We start with olive oil and add our flowers to make the scent. Our husbands are traveling now to gather our goods for making of the perfume. They have to travel far cross the River Jordan”

Perfume Shop Job Descriptions

(1-3 Volunteers per night)

  • Shopowner and assistant -- explain to visitors the perfume-making process, make sure the shop has many scented flowers around to enhance aroma, give visitors rose petals and encourage them to dip into the oil

Donations Needed: 

Flowers (assorted)

10 big bottles 

Small bottles


Myrhh, Rose, Violet, Lavender, etc.