The Pottery shop is an interesting interactive tactical shop. Historicallyaccurate as much as possible with a working kick wheel where pottery is made by hand and turned on the wheel.We encourage young children (5 years old and up) to work in the shop preferably with their parents.

Pottery Shop Job Descriptions

(5-8 Volunteers per night)

  • Pottery wheel (adult) -- uses the wheel to show visitors how pottery was made 
  • Wheel assistants (children) -- turn the wheel with their feet to assist the adult
  • Potters (3-4) -- make small pinch pots and give small clay samples to visitors

Items from Bethlehem Storage


1 stool with back

Bucket of water



4 pottery tubs

Donations Needed Nightly: 

50 lbs of air dryable clay (Dresden White, or similar)