The Precious Metals and Gems shop is a fairly interactive shop that depicts a shop in Bethlehem that sells uncut stones and cut gems on one side and metals on the other. It is a bright and shiny shop at the entrance to the town of Bethlehem. This shops needs 2-3 adults (preferably female) per night to set up the table displays and light the candles at the beginning. At the end of the night the candles must be put out, displays pulled in and covered. The workers in this shop must be happy and friendly and greet visitors entering the city and try to sell the gems and metals to them. The shop owners can also try to make the visitors feel welcome in Bethlehem by pointing them in directions of where to get water, tents, and try to make deals with them to sell the gems and metals. The metals and gems must be shined and cleaned up the week before Bethlehem opens and the tables covered and set up neatly. Presentation is important since this shop is at the beginning of Bethlehem.

Items from Bethlehem Storage



Metal pots, pans

Candle holders

Precious Metals and Gems Shop Job Descriptions

(2-3  Volunteers per night)

  • Shopowner and assistants -- try to sell visitors gems and metals, point visitors in the direction of where to get water and tents
  • Presentation and shop appearance is key

Donations Needed: 


Uncut fine stones

Shiny metals (assorted)

​Polished gems

Precious Metals and Gems