and hopefully realize the truth ofChristmas. The Rabbi must stick to the script and not ad lib. He, (and any character with a speaking part) must attend a trainingclass provided to learn the details of the time period and people who lived back then. They must park at the school in the designated cast parking, arrive at Fellowship Hall on time each evening of the event as they are scheduled, and be in costume and ready to head to the city when the first call is made. Costumes not including leather sandals are provided by our costume team. As soon as the prayer concludes at the well, the characters get in place.


The Rabbi is a very specific role which requires memorizing a script and a song. The Rabbi remains in the temple area for the entire performance and greets the visitors after they sign the census. The role of the Rabbi is very important because he quotes the scriptures that foretell the coming of the savior. These prophecies prove that Jesus is the true Messiah, and plant a seed in the hearts of each guest. As they go through the marketplace they can see the reality of the time, and when they enter the stable they will remember the scripture