The Reed and Pen Shop is an interactive shop where visitors learn how papyrus was made at the time of Jesus’ birth. They are invited to participate in the process of making papyrus and are then introduced to the Scribe who explains the process of making ink, demonstrates writing in Hebrew and invites visitors to try writing as well.

Reed and Pen Shop Job Descriptions

(4-5 Volunteers per night)

  • Papyrus Makers (2-3) -- explain, interact, and demonstrate the process in which papyrus was made
  • Scribe (1) -- explain how ink and pens were made to visitors while also demonstrating how to write in Hebrew. Encourage visitors to write in Hebrew
  • Scribe's Apprentice (1) -- assist the Scribe

Donations Needed: 

Papyrus in large container

Bucket of water

Wooden bowl of water

Rolling pins


Cutting boards


Butcher paper

Cups for ink



Black pain

Reed and Pen