into another time.  Shepherds have specific lines they say to tell the story Biblically. Shepherds MUST stay in character. Shepherds, (and any character with a speaking part) must attend a training class provided to learn the details of the time period and people who lived back then. They must park at the school in the designated cast parking, arrive at Fellowship Hall on time each evening of the event as they are scheduled, and be in costume and ready to head to the city when the first call is made. Costumes not including leather sandals are provided by our costume team. As soon as the prayer concludes at the well, the shepherds head out to the fire, before the soldiers open the city. When the shepherds and Wise Men are in place, the city can open.


Shepherds are very important to The Bethlehem Project because they are the first group of characters people see that have seen the Christ Child. If a Shepherd slips out of character, or recognizes friends in line with contemporary language or even a knowledge of current events, the visitors will be in the mindset of going to a play, and perhaps not a good one. We want to create an entire atmosphere of reality. Of stepping into another world, and