The Tent Shop is designed to depict alternative shelter options available to travelers at the time of Jesus’ birth. The visitors are encouraged to envision what it would have been like to travel through Bethlehem while registering for the census and having to find lodgings (no room at the inn) yet needing some form of shelter to rest and prepare for their long journey back home.

Items from Bethlehem Storage

2 wood/wicker stools

Blue/Purple storage containers

Booth Display items: burlap, plastic to cover material at night

Tent Shop Job Descriptions

(1-2 Volunteers per night)

  • Light all candles at the start of the evening
  • Set up the material on the table (unwrap plastic)
  • Cut up material swatches to handout to visitors
  • 1 or 2 volunteers can sit at the table or one person can stand at the shop opening and handout swatches
  • End of the evening, extinguish candles and cover table material with plastic

Donations Needed Nightly: ​




​Fire Extinguisher

Donations Needed: 

Multiple, varied bolts (large amounts)


5-7 different material samples for decoration

Large and short table candles

​Swatches of material to handout as samples